To Bunt or Not to Bunt – That is the question!

There are some teams who don’t encourage their players to bunt. There are some leagues that have rules at the younger age levels that don’t allow their players to bunt. Taking the bunt away from young players is like removing the claws from a cat. It is taking an important weapons away from a young player.

Bunting is a fundamental part of the game. It can provide many functions. First off, it teaches players and their teammates not be selfish. You give yourself up as a bunter to sacrifice a runner over into scoring position. Second, you can get on with a hit! Third, when you show that you can bunt, the defense starts to come in and it widens the hitting lanes. Lastly, players who aren’t seeing the ball well, can benefit from bunting as it is a good way to see and better time the pitcher.

Harold Reynolds from MLB Tonight and Juan Pierre, one of the better bunters in the last 20 years break down the art of bunting. Check it out!

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