2020 Pitch Hit & Field

Last Raps Baseball will be offering an 10 week Pitch, Hit and Field Program in North Vancouver, BC, at Lions Gate Christian Academy off of Mount Seymour Parkway. Fred Beitler will coordinate the clinic with the assistance of Devery Van De Keere, and Logan Wedgewood as needed. The Sunday Pitch, Hit and Field clinic is for those who are aged 8 to 10 years of age. This clinic is 1.5 hours in length. With a Full clinic, we will work at a ratio of four participants to one instructor. Participants are required to wear appropriate shoes for gym floors. Participants are required to bring their own bat and batting helmet. Last Raps Baseball does not provide these as tools for participants.

What to expect at our Pitch, Hit and Field Clinics

In 10 weeks, we will be challenged to get through all aspects of the sport in a short period of time. Depending upon the number of registrations, we will provide three different stations for each activity.
However, we would look to place a greater influence on throwing and fielding in the earlier portion of the clinics with the later clinics more focused on hitting.

Tips for parents:

First Session – is the most important session. It lays the ground work, provides the expectations and introduces participants to the format for the subsequent sessions. If you have attended our clinics in the past, those participants will have a familiarity to the routine and is less important if they have to miss the first session.

Attendance – though it isn’t mandatory to attend every session, the question we as parents after the participant has missed two or more sessions is quite simple: Why did you sign up? Hitting is a progressive activity. We work one day per week with the participant, but like piano lessons, guitar lessons, doing math homework etc. the athlete needs to find at least one day per week on the in between to take some swings. Do they always need a parent to do this? No. We show a number of “DRY” drills for the participants to do at home. If you are committed to get better, you probably will. If you are not committed, then you probably can figure out the answer.

Not for everybody – Our program isn’t for everyone. We don’t offer day care. We offer baseball. We are teaching a skill. If your only objective is that you “just want your child to have fun”, this may not be your program. We want to be clear, Baseball is FUN, Learning is FUN, fooling around and being disruptive is NOT FUN for other participants or the coaches.

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