2020 Winter Hitting Clinics

Last Raps Baseball will be offering Winter Hitting Clinics four days per week in 2020. The clinics will take place on Tuesday and Friday evenings in Vancouver, BC, as well as Saturday and Sunday in North Vancouver, BC. The length of the Winter clinics is 10 weeks and begin Tuesday January 7, 2020. The Tuesday and Friday evening clinics offered in Vancouver will have a maximum number of participants of 12. The Saturday evening clinics in North Vancouver will have a maximum number that will vary between either 12 or 16 on Saturday evening. The clinics are age specific and are for those who are aged 8 to 18 years old. If you are registering your son or daughter, please respect the age groups that we are offering. In the event that you would like your child to be moved up or down in a group, you will need to contact Last Raps Baseball to discuss the situation. We will look to accommodate where possible. Those participants who have been in our program before will be given greater consideration. With a Full clinic, we will work at a ratio of four participants to one instructor.

For the hitting clinic, players are required to bring their own helmet, bat, glove, batting gloves and indoor specific shoes. Participants are to be in either baseball pants, track pants, or sweat pants. Blue jeans, cargo pants, shorts etc. are not acceptable attire for the clinic.

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