Summer Camp Questions

Last Raps Baseball 2022 summer camp schedule is in place for the North Shore and Vancouver. These questions have been updated from years past to help reflect the current health conditions in British Columbia. From time to time we are asked questions about the summer camps. Some of these questions are found below.

FAQ’s about summer camps

1) Does my son/daughter need their own equipment?

Yes. This year it is required to participate in our program that each participant needs to have their own helmet, bat, glove, and batting gloves (if they choose to wear batting gloves). Personal equipment is not to be shared. Participants who feel that they cannot maintain physical distance from others should bring their own mask with them.

2)What else should my son/daughter bring to the camp?

As per normal, each camper needs to bring a lunch, sun screen and their own hand sanitizing solution. It is recommended that that children do not share these items unless they are members of the same household.

Questions from “normal” summer programming related to questions 3 to 6.

**It should be noted that the summer camps are about skill development. Baseball Games are not permitted at the time of this writing.**

3) My son/daughter is playing “Summer Ball”, is a summer camp too much baseball for my son/daughter? Every participant is different. Some participants can’t get enough baseball. Others need to have a break. If your child is reluctant in playing baseball, or if you are placing them in a camp for “something to do during the day”, this may not be the right camp for your child. The participant needs to enjoy baseball and want to learn about the game.

4) My son/daughter is playing “Summer Ball”, “All Star Ball”, “Rep Ball”, by doing a baseball summer camp will this be too much throwing for my son/daughter? Those who have attended our summer camps will know that we spend 30 minutes per day on dedicated progressive throwing drills. Baseball players need to learn proper throwing mechanics, to throw often, and to increase throwing distance with those monitored mechanics to build arm strength. There are very few times that throughout the camp we ask the young campers to “cut loose” on their throws. This is usually in the afternoon scrimmages.

5) My son/daughter is playing “Summer Ball”, “All Star Ball”, “Rep Ball”, and they are a pitcher. We are worried about their arm because they will be pitching this week. Will my son/daughter be pitching in the camp? No. During station work, we may do some flat ground pitching drills and exercises. If this is something that will affect your young ball player, let us know and they can get extra reps in the batting cage, ground balls, fly balls etc. if this is a concern to the parent. Our pitching programming is done in the off season pitching clinics that we offer in the fall and winter.

6) My son/daughter is playing “Summer Ball”, “All Star Ball”, “Rep Ball”, and they will probably be too tired for their game as it sounds like a long day. Should they attend? Yes. In saying that, what is the fitness level of your child? If they get tired easy, as a parent you need to find out why they tire easily. Even if your child is playing baseball in the evening, or a more advanced level of baseball, we recommend that young ball player be an athlete. If it isn’t a baseball camp, attend a soccer camp, basketball camp, hockey camp in the summer and play ball at night. Couch potato by day and baseball player at night does not create an athlete.

7) My young ball player is an elite level player. Is this the right camp for them to be participating? Yes. It is our objective to break up the players by age, skill and ability. With greater numbers in the camp, we can focus on the skills with the young athlete where they need the most focus. Ask yourself, can you get a little better everyday?

8) My son is an AA player and needs to be with the better group. Can you put him into that group? Our first objective is to sort the campers by age and then by ability. Depending upon the organization that your son plays for, he might be a very good player on an average rep or all star team. The instructors at Last Raps Baseball Corp. will always try to work in the best interest of the young ball player and therefore place them where we feel he can develop the most and their speed.

9) My daughter has signed up to be with her friend, and you have split them up. Why?
The split may not be intentional, but sometimes those who sign up with their friends become a distraction to one another which in turn can cause the other campers to be distracted and ultimately disrupting those who are instructing.

10) Are the camps about fun and games? Our primary focus is to provide technical instruction to the campers and develop and improve a skill set that they can take back with them to their local Little League or BC Minor organization to help improve their overall quality of play. They should have a love of the game when they arrive and be looking to improve their own skills and abilities. There are some people that believe it is on the onus of the coach to make baseball fun. Ask yourself this question, when your son strikes out, is it fun? Learning how to deal with these situations will help your child enjoy the game better, and will help prepare them for the disappointments that can take place in the great game of baseball.

In the days and weeks, we are sure to have more questions and will share our responses with those who check our website.

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