2017 March Break Camps Announced

Last Raps Baseball will be hosting two weeks of baseball camps during the 2017 March Breaks. Each camp is 4 days in length. The camps will be held at Loutet Park in North Vancouver, BC, and at Jerry Hale Field in Victoria, BC and run Monday through Thursday. These camps are a rain or shine event and campers need to bring appropriate clothing for all weather conditions. Campers need to dress appropriately for baseball. Shorts at this time of the year is not appropriate attire for baseball participation.

What to expect from our North Vancouver and Victoria Camps

Typically our North Vancouver Camps are well attended. The morning sessions are skill based. Baseball players at all levels have to hit, run, field and most importantly throw. Station work in the morning will encompass those components. Depending upon the age and level of the participants will dictate what the stations and components that we will offer. We also place an emphasis on team defense early in the camp and introduce campers to our cut and relay system so that as a group the begin to grasp an understanding of how we choose to play the game.

This camp will operate as a training camp as it is structured to help young ball players prepare for their upcoming season. It is strongly encouraged that your young ball player wants to play baseball and comes with on open mind to learn. If you have not been in our camps or clinics before, we always encourage to contact us so that you can come and watch how the camps and clinics operate. If your ball player wants to be pushed, they will be in the right place.

Players will need to bring their own gloves, batting helmets, bats, baseball shoes and a lunch. Be sure to bring a water bottle. As of February 25, 2017, we have 5 spots left for the Week 1 North Vancouver, BC Camp. The Victoria Camp is limited to 30 participants due to the facilities and space in Victoria.

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Orv Franchuk Hitting Clinic – March 25th, 2017

Last Raps Baseball is pleased to present a one day hitting clinic with Canadian Baseball Coaching legend Orv Franchuk, in North Vancouver, BC, at Lions Gate Christian Academy on March 25, 2017.

With nearly 30 years of professional baseball experience, Orv Franchuk has used his teaching experience to connect with baseball players of all ages. The Lac La Biche, AB, native played his college baseball at Pepperdine. He was set to sign with the New York Mets orgranization, but he ruptured his Achillies Tendon and that ended his playing career. Though Franchuk’s playing career ended, it spawned a lifelong journey into the world of professional baseball.

For more information on the clinic including cost, ages, times etc., please see the one Franchuk Hitting Clinic Link in the drop down menu or side bar or alternatively use the link below to register now.

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Gotta Hate Losing!

Baseball is our business. So how does the University of Louisville women’s basketball coach find his way onto our website? Because the message he is delivering to his student athletes is a good one. If you want to be great, you have to put in the work. Just showing up doesn’t count. This is the message he is trying to instill in his team. It isn’t just about winning in basketball games, it is about winning in life. He wants the team to be great, and not just settle to be average.

For those who are in our Tuesday and Saturday Winter Hitting clinics, we are cranking up the heat so to speak. Facing the machine each week as part of our station work is to prepare the kids for the upcoming season. Hands are buzzing, thumbs are blowing up and sometimes tears are flowing. To some that doesn’t sound like fun. But that is part of the process in the life of a young baseball player. For those who want to compete and find a way to get better, they stay with it and in the end the results will pay off. Remember, it is easy to quit and walk away from many things in life, but those who stay with it and keep on battling will find their success.

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Welcome to our new Website!

We have updated our website and given it a new look. Our Summer Camp registration is live and fluid. We will be making some special announcements in the next couple of weeks regarding some of our August Camps. Fall and Winter registration in place for our Vancouver programming which will be operating at Kerrisdale Elementary School. North Vancouver clinics will be available in early September. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check our site regularly for updates.

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Twitter, Facebook and Last Raps Baseball

Last Raps Baseball uses Twitter to help educate our participants as well as communicate with our customers. Concerned about weather conditions for an outdoor camp? Need to look at homework questions for participants? Follow us on Twitter for real time information. Don’t have a Twitter account? It’s okay. You can still visit our Twitter page by using Google and searching for Last Raps Baseball. Good luck and happy Tweets!!

Last Raps Baseball is connected on Facebook. For special events and notices, be sure to bookmark our page for short notice bulletins or other useful information.

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You’ve Got Mail!

If you are interested in joining our weekly e-mail list, simply put ADD in the subject line of the message and send the e-mail to e-mail: info@lastrapsbaseball.com.

If you are on the e-mail list, and wish to be removed, simply put REMOVE in the subject line of the message and send the e-mail to e-mail: info@lastrapsbaseball.com.

For those who forward e-mail’s along to another e-mail address, in order to be removed from our list you need to respond from the original e-mail address. Some organizations have an e-mail system set up to forward e-mails to the receivers personal account at home. We cannot remove this from our database unless it is from the original e-mail address.

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