Registration Issues?

Late Registration

Did you miss the start of the clinic and wish to register late? It is best to contact us by phone or e-mail to confirm that there has not been an alteration to the programming once the start time of the clinic has passed. If there is not enough participants, we sometimes combine a clinic depending upon the number of participants that have registered. This is more likely in the fall or spring sessions.

Active Network – Registration System

Over time some customers contact us with regards to problems registering their campers through the Thriva Network website. We would like to offer a few points that may help you through the registration process.

1) I have registered my son/daughter for one of the clinics. How do I know that they are in the clinic I have selected? – Immediately upon registration, the Thriva Network generates a “Real Time” e-mail confirmation that is sent to the e-mail address you have provided.

1b) I have not received my e-mail confirmation of the registration of my son/daughter. Why? – This could have a variety of answers. You have entered the incorrect e-mail address. The e-mail confirmation has been sent to your Junk or Spam folder. Finally, you haven’t submitted the registration form on the Thriva site to complete the registration.

2) My computer freezes or times out when I am in the registration process. – Thriva uses flash technology and you should always keep your Flash updated to the current version. You may need to clear your cache in some cases.

3) Every time I go to register, Thriva kicks me out of the registration process. – Have you checked your browser’s security settings? This may impact your ability to view certain websites depending upon the parameters you have chosen.

4) Thriva is timing out. Why? – We have experienced customers who have Mac’s and are using Safari that have had this type of issue. We have not isolated it to an older version of Safari, but will continue to monitor this situation.

5) The Thriva network is not accepting my postal code. – Initially, Surrey residents who complained about using NEW postal codes were kicked out of the system. We have not had this problem in over a year, but you should note that your postal code will be tied to your credit card.

If none of these issues solve your problem, please contact us via telephone: 778-989-6924
or by e-mail: [email protected]

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