What is Last Raps?

Since we have started the business, we have had a number of people ask, “What does Last Raps mean?” It is a good question.

Last Raps refers to the team that hits last, hence they have “Last Raps”. In most cases, it is usually the home team who hits last unless you are playing sandlot baseball in the local parks.

What is the origin of the phrase? We have tried to find this out but have had no success in finding the origins.

How are Last Raps determined? A player on one team throws the bat in the air and it is caught by a member of the other team. The players then place their hands on top of each other while holding the bat until the last person has reached the knob of the bat. The person who has covered the knob of the bat then has choice: To hit first or to have Last Raps.

Hands on Baseball Bat

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