About Last Raps

Since 2009, Last Raps Baseball has provided baseball instruction in the lower mainland, island and interior of British Columbia. The instruction that we provide is to better equip players to play in their local leagues and associations. In turn, this will increase the overall caliber of play and keep baseball a relevant sport in the British Columbia sports culture.

Instructors for the camps and clinics are coaches who have either coached professionally, coached at the collegiate level, played professionally or played at the college level. We have also employed guest coaches who have college and professional playing and coaching experience.

Camps and clinics that we provide are instructional based. We are committed to teaching young athletes the proper process of preparing for athletic competition, proper arm care how to carry themselves on the baseball diamond. Last Raps Baseball looks to teach the players how to play the game the right way and to respect its rules of play.

As an organization, everyone is welcome to attend our camps and the level of ability doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the participant wants to learn, to get a little bit better at the sport of baseball everyday, and enjoys the game. If your son or daughter is unsure that they want to do the camp, you have your answer. Putting a child into our programming who doesn’t want to be there may not be an enjoyable experience for all parties.

Ball in Glove

Ball in Glove

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